Responses of photosynthetic parameters of Mikania micrantha and Chromolaena odorata to contrasting irradiance and soil moisture
发表在:BIOLOGIA PLANTARUM 53 517-522    于:2009

chlorophyll fluorescence, invasive weeds, net photosynthetic rate, photosystem , xanthophyll cycle.


Photosynthetic parameters were measured in two invasive weeds, Mikania micrantha and Chromolaena odorata, grown in soil under full, medium, and low irradiance and full, medium, and low water supply. Both species showed significantly higher net photosynthetic rate, quantum yield of PS 2 photochemistry and photochemical quenching coefficient under high than low irradiance. For M. micrantha, low irradiance caused decreased chlorophyll content (Chl), Chl a/b ratio and maximum photochemical efficiency of PS 2 (Fv/Fm), while drought decreased Chl content and Fv/Fm and increased nonphotochemical quenching (NPQ). However, these parameters were much less affected in C. odorata except that Chl content and NPQ slightly increased under drought and high irradiance. High irradiance increased xanthophyll pools in both species, especially M. micrantha under combination with drought.

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