Homogeneity of delta N-15 in needles of Masson pine (Pinus massoniana L.) was altered by air pollution
发表在:Environmental Pollut 158 1963-1967    于:2010

Air pollutiond,Needle section,Nitrogen deposition,Pinus massoniana


The present study investigated the changes of d15N values in the tip, middle and base section (divided by
the proportion to needle length) of current- and previous-year needles of Masson pine (Pinus massoniana
L.) from two declining forest stands suffering from air pollution, in comparison with one healthy stand. At
the healthy stand, d15N in the three sections of both current- and previous-year needles were found evenly
distributed, while at the polluted stands, d15N values in the needles were revealed significantly different
from the tip to the base sections. The results implied that the distribution of d15N among different parts or
sections in foliageswas not always homogeneous and could be affected by air pollution.We suggested that
the difference of d15N values among pine needle sections should be reconsidered and should not be
primarily ignored when the needle d15N values were used to assess plant responses to air pollution.

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