Seedling growth and soil nutrient availability in exotic and native tree species: implications for afforestation in southern China
发表在:Plant and Soil 364 207-218    于:2013

Soil solution; Nutrient availability; exotic species; Native species; Afforestation; South China



The relationship between tree species and soil nutrient availability is critical for evaluating plantation succession and promoting forest restoration. This study was conducted to evaluate the impact of exotic and native tress species on soil nutrient availability. 
Four exotic species (Eucalyptus urophylla, E. tereticornis, Acaia auriculaeformis, A. mangium) and four native species (Castanopsis fissa, Schima superba, C. hystrix, Michelia macclurei) were planted and grown for one-year. Soil solution (DOC, DON, NH4-N, NO3-N) was sampled and analyzed during the study. After the experiment, soil properties were determined, and plant tissues were analyzed. 
DOC levels were greater in soils with trees planted than controls without trees. Compared to native species, exotic species had much faster growth rates and greatly reduced DON and NO3-N concentrations. Exotic species always had less P concentrations in leaves and stems than native species. Furthermore, N-fixing A. auriculaeformis led to greater soil available P compared to other species. 
Based on these findings, we provide some recommendations for afforestation practice. This study highlights that a better understanding of the pros and cons of exotic species would be beneficial to advance afforestation in China and the world.
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