Variations in silicate concentration affecting photosynthetic carbon fixation by spring phytoplankton assemblages in surface water of the Strait of Malacca
发表在:Acta Oceanologica Sinica 32 77-81    于:2013

photosynthetic carbon fixation; phytoplankton; the Strait of Malacca


The Strait of Malacca (SoM), the world's busiest sea-route, is increasingly polluted as the rapid development of world trades, affecting phytoplankton primary productivity therein. The variations of surface phytoplankton biomass, size-structure and carbon fixation were investigated across the SoM during the spring period (May 4 to 9, 2011). Chlorophyll a concentration increased from 0.12 A mu g/L at the northwest entrance of the SoM to a maximal 0.63 A mu g/L at narrowest section, and decreased to 0.10 A mu g/L at the southeast entrance. Photosynthetic carbon fixation by phytoplankton coincided well with Chl a biomass, and increased from 10.8 to 22.3 A mu g C/(L center dot d), then decreased to 9.21 A mu g C/(L center dot d); while the carbon fixation rate showed an inverse pattern to the changes of Chl a, and decreased from 87.1 to 35.5 A mu gC/(A mu gChla center dot d) and increased thereafter to 95.3 A mu g C/(A mu g Chl a center dot d). Picophytoplankton cells (< 3 A mu m) contributed to more than 60% and 50% of the total Chl a and carbon fixation at both the entry waters; while the contributions of pico-cells decreased sharply to the minimum of 18.3% and 27.5% at the narrowest part of the SoM. In particular, our results showed that the silicate concentration positively regulated Chl a biomass and carbon fixation, reflecting that the higher silicate favoured the growth of phytoplankton and thus led to higher primary production in this strait.

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