Subtropical plantations are large carbon sinks: Evidence from two monoculture plantations in South China
发表在:Agricultural and For 151(9) 1214-1225 ??    于:2011

Net ecosystem productivity (NEP),Soil CO2 flux,Plantation,Trenching,Tree girdling


Quantifying the net carbon (C) storage of forest plantations is required to assess their potential to offset fossil fuel emissions. In this study, a biometric approach was used to estimate net ecosystem productivity (NEP) for two monoculture plantations in South China: Acacia crassicarpa and Eucalyptus urophylla. This approach was based on stand-level net primary productivity (NPP, based on direct biometric inventory) and heterotrophic respiration (Rh). In comparisons of Rh determination based on trenching vs. tree girdling, both trenching and tree girdling changed soil temperature and soil moisture relative to undisturbed control plots, and we assess the effects of corrections for disturbances of soil moisture and soil moisture on the estimation of soil CO2 efflux partitioning. Soil microbial biomass and dissolved organic carbon were significantly lower in trenched plots than in tree girdled plots for both plantations. Annual soil CO2 flux in trenched plots (Rh-t) was significantly lower than in tree-girdled plots (Rh-g) in both plantations. 

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